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Best Practices In Naming Sales Operations, Sequences and Meeting Links

2021 May 27 13:46 GMT-06:00

How do you name your meeting links and sales cadences? There’s more to a name than you may realize.

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The naming convention seems to be an ever-dynamic process in most organizations. We recently underwent an effort to rename our marketing, sales, and service templates, sales cadences, and meetings in HubSpot—but after we had some issues finding the suitable template.

Why would you want to have a naming convention in the first place?

1. Marketing, sales, and service are aligned (at least from a naming perspective)

What if marketing is sending out a marketing campaign with a call-to-action in a meeting link from sales? It would be great to know which meeting link to put in the email or create a new meeting link for that particular campaign to see how well it performs. Either way, marketing and sales need to be on the same page. Speaking of performance…

2. Is there good reporting available with the naming convention?

You can see the conversion rate of your meetings booked to views in HubSpot. You can see how well your sales sequences perform, with open rates, click rates, reply rates, and meeting rates.

But it would be good to name your sales sequence and the templates that go into them so that your sales manager can give you actionable insights on why a particular sales sequence performed well. And remember, email is 40x better at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

3. Is the naming searchable?

The worst thing is pulling up a new email in HubSpot and seeing 15 pages of templates to use. Which one am I supposed to use? I type in a breakup, and I see about ten templates. That’s a lot easier to use.

What if there are 1000 sales templates? Think of having good naming to be able to search for what you need quickly.

Get your whole team on board with the naming convention! It will save you and everyone else a lot of time in the future to make your naming searchable, descriptive, and aligned between all of your teams.

Meeting Links

Format: FUNCTION | Funnel Stage (Lead, MQL, SQL, Opportunity, Customer) | Shared Source (such as email, social media, LinkedIn) | Type of Meeting

Example: SALES | SQL | Social Media | Free Automation Review

Example: SALES | SQL | Email | Referral Meeting Intro

Example: CLIENT | Support | Troubleshoot what is going on

Marketing, Sales, and Service Templates (also grouped in folders)

Format: FUNCTION | Function of email | Subject | Message Number | Date or Version (if necessary)

Example: SALES | Prospecting | Marketing Ideas | 1st Follow Up | 2020Q1

Example: SERVICE | Onboarding Meeting 2 | Outline

Example: MARKETING | Interview | 1st Message | V2

Sales Sequences or Sales Cadences

Format: FUNCTION | Function of Sequence | Subject | Audience

Example: SALES | Prospecting | Company Introduction | Technology

Example: SALES | Prospecting | Start Thriving

Example: SALES | Prospecting | Looking Good | Engineering


Format: FUNCTION | Active or Static List | Description

Example: SALES | Active | Buyer Persona Salesman Leads

Example: MARKETING | Active | Referrals

Example: SALES | Active | Good Fit

Islin Munisteri

Written by Islin Munisteri