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HubSpot Partner Agency Onboarding vs Direct HubSpot Onboarding

2021 March 4 16:00 GMT-07:00

As a business leader, every product and service your organization invests in should be worth the time and money it requires.  

Suppose your business is looking into adopting a CRM system to unify all of its data and business processes or upgrade the one it currently has. In that case, HubSpot CRM can be a good option. 

Choosing to invest in a CRM is an important decision; customer relationship management platforms simplify how an organization's different departments share and store information and track their progress. 

Powerful automation software like HubSpot is often packed with extensive features and may require some degree of technical knowledge to take full advantage of all of its offerings. 

HubSpot onboarding agency will help new HubSpot clients create a custom roadmap to outline how and when to implement the various features the platform offers to reach your business goals.  

Why a good onboarding process is important  

HubSpot CRM onboarding is a process meant to help new HubSpot clients learn how this software can help them reach their business goals.  

By guiding them along with its many tools, features, options, and integrations, new clients can come to understand the software and the best ways to use it to adopt their data and business processes. 

A CRM onboarding process should teach new clients the platform's ins and outs so that they can avoid any starting delays and get their team up and running. When the client understands the software and its different options, the client's team can manage their expectations and know what to expect.  

When clients know the full extent of HubSpot CRM's capabilities, their teams can avoid further delays, set up the platform according to their specific needs, and start seeing results. 

At every point in the onboarding process, clear communication between the onboarding agency and the new HubSpot client is fundamental 

How your team initially integrates HubSpot software into their responsibilities will determine how successful this adoption will be.  

Essentially, a successful onboarding process can help the organization get the most out of its HubSpot investment. 

HubSpot Partner Agencies  

HubSpot partner agencies are marketing agencies that use the HubSpot platformimplement the inbound marketing methodology in their work, and have been accepted into HubSpot's Solutions Partner Program 

Partner agencies receive marketing and sales training and have access to direct account managers and other HubSpot tools to provide a better service to their clients. 

There are different kinds of HubSpot partner agencies – some of them may be full-service agencies that offer a wide range of marketing and sales services. Others may have a specific area of expertise, such as web design, sales support, or inbound marketing.   

Benefits of a HubSpot Partner Agency Onboarding 

With thousands of HubSpot partner agencies to choose from, hiring one that fits your business needs is important 

You want what is best for your organization and an onboarding process with a partner agency can benefit your team.  

HubSpot CRM training and support 

If you are new to HubSpot CRM, the partner agency you choose should guide your team, help you set everything up, get started, and make the most of the platform.  

The focus of onboarding will be to get your organization up and ready to start using HubSpot. 

During onboarding, your partner agency will walk your team(s) through the setting up process and teach team members the tools, integrations, and add-ons you can use. 

With a partner agency, new HubSpot clients receive personalized attention during onboarding, which is one step in the right path toward the successful use of a CRM. Additionally, new clients can: 

  • Ask questions to understand the HubSpot platform and how to use it to address your business challenges and objectives, 
  • Create a customized plan to achieve your business goals, and 
  • Discuss your specific data needs (including data migration best practices, data cleansing, and how to manage your integrations). 

Current HubSpot users can also benefit from choosing a partner agency onboarding processPartner agencies can help you: 

  • Optimize your current use of the HubSpot platform, 
  • Assess your analytics and pinpoint areas for improvement, and  
  • Help your marketing and sales teams implement new strategies to improve business performance across the board. 
HubSpot Partner Agencies provide a direct support line 

Partner agencies know the CRM platform inside and out – they receive specialized training to onboard their clients to HubSpot, and they use the platform themselves. 

Suppose your team is having trouble using a feature or tool, troubleshooting an issue, or determining the best way to use HubSpot. In that case, your partner agency can act as your point of contact and address the problems themselves consult their HubSpot account managers. 

It is important to note that HubSpot clients who are not partner agencies do not have direct access to HubSpot; instead, they have to go through customer service to receive assistance. 

Inbound marketing assistance 

HubSpot CRM's Marketing Hub is built on inbound marketing principles to educate and serve clients for their long-term success. 

As marketing agencies, your partner agency of choice is skilled in using advanced analytics tracking and reporting, email marketing tracking, blog, and social media publishing, and paid ads management tools available.  

Educating and nurturing potential clients and current customers across the buyer's journey is the foundation of inbound marketing. This is also the basis on which HubSpot CRM is built on.  

For this reason, working with a partner agency during the HubSpot onboarding process works in your organization's favor – your team learns the ins and outs of the platform while receiving first-hand guidance from a business that uses it in its everyday operations. 

Support with your sales and customer success  

Alongside marketing support, onboarding with a HubSpot partner agency gives you sales and customer success support.  

This is an important feature, particularly if your organization is looking to align its marketing and sales teams. 

With a wide array of sales and service tools and features that can help improve your processes, your teams will benefit from the guidance of an experienced agency in these matters. 

Hiring a HubSpot partner agency to assist you in the onboarding process is fundamental to getting the most out of your investment.  

A CRM platform like HubSpot built for efficiency and alignment across teams often requires some initial assistance to ensure your team members have a strong foundation for work as they begin to execute your business goals. 

Benefits of a direct HubSpot onboarding  

HubSpot offers different CRM onboarding plansAll of them include basic support, but your business's best option will depend on the service you choose to purchase. 

Every new client is assigned an Implementation Specialist who will assist your team with setting up the platform and answering any HubSpot CRM questions during the first 90 days of your subscription. After these 90 days, your team will need to contact customer service for assistance. 

They will assist you in your first inbound marketing campaign and suggest which integrations to use to achieve the best results. 

Among other features, an Implementation Specialist will assist you with: 

  • Technical setup of your HubSpot account,  
  • 1 discovery call session, and 
  • Up to 3 consulting lessons with technical setup or implementation issues regarding HubSpot tools and methodology. 

While it is useful to have a HubSpot employee on hand to assist you in the onboarding process, depending on the plan purchasedcommunication can be limited 

If you decide on a direct HubSpot onboarding, your team will likely: 

  • Take care of most of the actual HubSpot onboarding, 
  • Learn and perform the data migration process onto HubSpot, and  
  • Adjust your marketing, sales, and customer success timelines to allow sufficient time to adjust to the use of HubSpot and implementing its tools and features. 

Based on the autonomous nature of a natural HubSpot onboarding process, this option is best for current HubSpot clients who are at the very least somewhat comfortable using the platform. 

How Theia Marketing can help you 

At Theia Marketing, we know the value of aligning your sales and marketing teams and how that reflects on your business's bottom line. As a RevOps agencyour primary goal is to help our clients see positive results and overall company growth. 

When your team initiates the HubSpot onboarding process with us, you will receive personalized attention from our expert team membersAs such, we will make sure your marketing, sales, and customer success teams learn the ins and outs of their respective hub software. 

All-in-one onboarding 

Our onboarding plan is built for efficiency.  

From the onset, we tailor onboarding to you.  

We will help you with your account setup, teach you how to use the most popular tools, functions, and integrations on the platform, and ask you more about your company and business goals. 

From there, we will customize onboarding to your organizational needs.  

This will include devising a plan to attract more qualified clientele, delight your current customers, and teach your teams how to navigate and use the HubSpot hub they need to fulfill their responsibilities.  

Have any questions about the CRM? We are your one-stop-shop to all HubSpot answers. We have helped our clients seamlessly adapt to HubSpot, and we can do the same for you. No questions are off-limits. 

Before concluding onboarding, we will help refine your plan of action to use the HubSpot platform to improve your business results. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub 

During onboarding, we will help your marketing team create an action plan to: 

  • Define and attract high-quality leads, 
  • Convert these leads, 
  • Personalize and assist you in your first marketing campaign to achieve positive results, and  
  • Successfully migrate your marketing information from your current CRM to HubSpot. 
HubSpot Sales Hub 

Sales hub onboarding will involve helping your sales team: 

  • Identify ideal prospects and how to approach them, 
  • Automate your current sales process, 
  • Personalize your sales interactions, and 
  • Successfully migrate your sales contacts, deals, and forecasts to HubSpot. 
HubSpot Service Hub 

Service hub onboarding aims to assist your customer success and service teams. During the onboarding process, our team will work with yours to: 

  • Understand how your delight customers and optimize your current process, 
  • Identify any areas of improvement in your customer service, 
  • Create a game plan to refine your customer service, and  
  • Seamlessly migrate your current service data onto HubSpot. 

HubSpot CRM has been our go-to all-in-one system from our early stages as a marketing agency. As a HubSpot client, we have found considerable success for ourselves and our clients. 

For this reason, our team is committed to providing value and support to all current and new HubSpot clients interested in learning how to navigate and use HubSpot CRM.  

Taking the next step 

If you are interested in learning if onboarding with a HubSpot partner agency is the right decision for your organization, please reach out to us and address your questions and concerns.  

Are you ready to hire a partner agency for your onboarding? Theia Marketing has ample experience integrating businesses onto the HubSpot platform with measurable results.  

For a limited time, we are offering our 90-day HubSpot onboarding and support package free of charge 

Take a step toward aligning your marketing, sales, and customer success goals – we can help. 

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Karen Lopez

Written by Karen Lopez

Karen Lopez is Theia Marketing's Marketing Manager.