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Guide to Marketing, Growing, Optimizing your business

The Benefits of Using Your CRM to Power Your Marketing

9 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2022 March 9 11:45 GMT-07:00

This guide explores and explains how to harness the power of your data and turn your CRM into a revenue-generating growth machine.

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Topics: Marketing Insights Sales Enablement HubSpot CMS

The Six Stack- 6 software solutions for start-up success

3 min read

By Aubrey Shiffert on 2022 March 5 10:15 GMT-07:00

Today’s startups have quite the daunting tasks in front of them. On the one hand, technology has made it easier and more efficient than ever to start and run a business. But on the other, with so many options out there for communicating with customers, managing payroll, ensuring customer information is secure, etc., it can be overwhelming to decide what services are best for you. With this in mind, we compiled this list of the top six solutions for startup success. 

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Five Essentials for a Good Work from Home Setup

4 min read

By Olivia Hagan on 2022 February 26 11:33 GMT-07:00

Without a doubt, working from home (WFH) has become more commonplace since the coronavirus pandemic – in fact, as early as 2020, one Stanford economist said “the new working-from-home economy…is likely to continue long past the coronavirus pandemic that spawned it.”

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Topics: Work From Home

How Revenue Operations Teams Can Optimize Sales Processes

4 min read

By Carissa Villagomez on 2022 January 22 07:00 GMT-07:00

Revenue operations is a rising star in the world of business. Often defined as a business process that drives predictable revenue by aligning sales, marketing, and customer success, revenue operations is a newer function that Gartner predicts will exist at 75% of the world’s highest growth companies by the year 2025. 

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Topics: Revenue Operations (RevOps)

What’s the Difference between Revenue Operations and Sales Operations?

3 min read

By Mike Austin on 2021 December 18 15:16 GMT-07:00

The landscape of the workforce is changing. There are new industries emerging. Business processes are further being digitized. That’s why it really is no surprise that there are also new job positions and responsibilities being created each year.

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Topics: Revenue Operations (RevOps) Sales Operations (Sales Ops)

A 3-step process to instantly make your lead magnets more desirable

3 min read

By Ekaterina Howard on 2021 November 28 17:57 GMT-07:00

Get more conversions with a few simple tweaks to your lead magnet landing pages and social posts

You know that lead magnets — especially in B2B space — can help you attract, capture, and convert quality leads. But this is what I see happen over and over with lead magnets: marketers spend weeks on creating beautiful, original, well-researched, useful resources… while treating landing page copy and social post copy as an afterthought.

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Topics: Marketing Strategy Lead Capture Customer Retention Landing pages

Why User Experience Matters in Designing Your RevOps Systems

4 min read

By Eleanor Hecks on 2021 October 30 07:30 GMT-06:00

Revenue Operations, better known as “RevOps,” takes all of your processes in your business and aligns them all with the central goal of your business, which is to serve customers first and generate ongoing cash flow and growth second. However, investing in RevOps without doing the same for user experience (or “UX”) is a waste of time, because you can’t optimize income and cash flow without first focusing on your customers’ needs, perceptions, and expectations.

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Topics: RevOps Metrics Revenue Operations (RevOps)

Web Copywriting: Practical Tips and Best Practices

4 min read

By Brad Shorr on 2021 October 16 10:00 GMT-06:00

Web copywriting is an exciting career with terrific earnings potential. If you are just starting out or still learning the basics, don’t get discouraged because practically everyone in the world claims to be a copywriter. The fact is, relatively few copywriters have the skills, work habits, and determination to truly stand out. Organizations of all kinds recognize the value of highly skilled web copywriters and compensate them accordingly. Here is practical advice to help you become a star performer as quickly as possible.

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Topics: Content Development Content Marketing Marketing Agency

10 Ideas to Repurpose Content and Grow Your Business

4 min read

By Giacomo Rotella on 2021 September 25 13:30 GMT-06:00

Content marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business in 2021.

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Topics: Content Marketing

Why Is Revenue Operations Important?

5 min read

By Ian Haynes on 2021 August 21 10:06 GMT-06:00

Revenue Operations is the new buzzword in the business world, and leading companies are shuffling to align their process with this new trend to boost profits and increase growth. What that essentially means is aligning your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to optimize revenues.

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