Why You Need a Marketing Expert on Your C-Level Team

3 min read

By Guest Blogger on 2020 October 1 16:00 GMT-06:00

There has been some discourse on whether there should be a chief marketing officer at the organization's top levels. The role became popular in the mid-'90s but has seen companies shy away from the role. The role still exists or has been rebranded to "Chief Growth Officer" or "Chief Brand Officer" or other hot button name. Coca-Cola recently brought back the role of CMO, citing that marketing aligns with its goals rather than growth.

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4 Reasons to Keep your Marketing Spend During a Recession

4 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 July 9 11:40 GMT-06:00

Previous economic recessions like those of the 1980s and 1990s were called business cycle recessions. The world economy faced inflation, central banks increased interest rates, and investments were low. The global financial crisis of 2008 led to a depreciation of the US mortgage market that led to a banking crisis.

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Improve your Problem-Solving with First Principles Thinking

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 June 24 16:00 GMT-06:00

As entrepreneurs, we encounter endless opportunities and possibilities to innovate the way we run our businesses, the way we create, manufacture, and present our products and services, and the way we interact with customers.

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What You Need to Know about Lead Generation Landing Pages

6 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 June 18 09:03 GMT-06:00

A landing page is a web page designed to attract the consumers who are in the market for the product or service your business offers. Also known as a lead capture page, landing pages are the web page a user "lands on" after clicking on an advertisement or social media post.

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Manufacturing Content Marketing Survey 2020: Tips, Trends, and Budgets

6 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 April 30 15:37 GMT-06:00

Throughout this report, you'll see that manufacturing marketers have become more strategic with their content marketing approach, are more effective in distributing their organization's content, and face fewer challenges when attempting to communicate more complex ideas to their audiences. While there have been improvements like these, only 40% of marketers are strategic about the content they create and target their content for specific stages of the customer journey.

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Do Competitive Research with Moz and BuzzSumo for Engineers [RESEARCH]

8 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 March 6 12:34 GMT-07:00

Today, we will be talking about how to create compelling content using Moz and BuzzSumo for engineers and scientists. Now, the best writing is found in the structure, planning, and research, not a shot of brilliance or inspiration.

Today, I’ll show you how to create compelling content by using competitive research easily. We have created 25 blog and case study posts in the past half a year employing these strategies. Writing compelling and convincing content starts with proper research.

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Using the Hero's Journey to Create Your Core Message and Buyer Personas

4 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 January 28 15:03 GMT-07:00

Today, we will be talking about the Hero’s Journey, and how having a core message and ideal buyer persona will take your firm’s growth to the next level. Your core message covers why your customers want to work with you. 

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A Guide to Content Curation for Firms: Tips and Tools

4 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 January 20 18:44 GMT-07:00

How do you source and share great content on social media? I will show you how to in this guide and share some of the tools we use. It needs to be content that your audience will like, comment, and share with their followers, which will expose your brand to a broader audience.

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Develop a Content Strategy in 7 Simple Steps to Grow Your Firm

6 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 January 13 13:59 GMT-07:00

Did you know that 59% of businesses don't have a documented content marketing strategy? However, 69% of the most successful marketers have a content marketing strategy that works according to Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs.

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Top 5 Mindset Blocks Scaling from $0 -1 million

4 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 November 5 18:28 GMT-07:00

Today, I want to talk about the top five mindset blocks of scaling your business from zero to a million dollars. Now, as engineers and business owners, it's sometimes hard to invest in coaching or invest in your website or decide to invest in even some sales coaching. But I find that the coaching and especially for therapy for me has been very helpful in overcoming these mindset blocks. It has been helpful in investing in my business to get to the next level. Now these are the top five mindset blocks.

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