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Work From Home Tip #5: Have Family Expectations

2020 April 6 18:36 GMT-06:00

Today, I will talk about my fifth work-from-home tip. It’s about having family expectations.


A quick run-through of our family expectations is very simple. I recommend they try to keep it between five to seven family expectations or family rules to keep it simple for school-age children.

Family Expectations:

  1. Let’s have dinner together.
  2. No screen time at the table while we’re having dinner together and no screen time while they’re having breakfast and lunch as well.
  3. Having a movie fun Friday where we get to choose a movie together, and we eat pizza generally.
  4. Weekends are reserved for family time
  5. The kids have to attend an online school. It’s a must. I’ll help them get set up with the technology each day. But it’s up to them at their responsibility to attend class each day.
  6. There’s also daily hygiene, just like a regular shower. Brushing your teeth is a must.
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Islin Munisteri

Written by Islin Munisteri