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210% increase in paid ad traffic

43% increase in overall traffic

Lotus was seeking a solution to generate leads in a more strategic and structured way, without increasing ad spend. They needed an agency that cared about and was willing to stand behind their results in a big way.

Challenge: Getting Paid Ads to Perform

Lotus Weddings did not realize they had a problem. When Theia Marketing did a Paid Ads Analysis, we found that he should be getting more clicks to his website based on the ad spend and CPC of his industry for what he was spending.

Lotus also wanted to increase the number of clients they were servicing in their local area. Getting website visits and clicks was part of that process of growing his number of leads and prospects.

Solution: Getting the Best Ads in Place

Theia Marketing created and managed over nine campaigns across search, display, and video ads. The most important criteria to look at ways to drive down campaign cost by increasing the Google ad quality score and targeted landing pages.

We also connected the back end of his website to Google Analytics to better understand his overall direct website, organic, social, and paid ad performance over time.

Result: Increasing Overall Traffic

Using Google Ads, Lotus Weddings saw an overall increase of 43% in traffic, and an increase of 210% in paid traffic, when examining the same 8-month period of time in 2019 vs. 2020. We could do this without increasing ad spend and keeping to his original Google Ads budget that he had with another company.

Today, Lotus Weddings can flourish in their business. Even with Covid impacts, they still have seen traffic increases to their website and are able to close more leads through using Google Ads.

Islin Munisteri

Written by Islin Munisteri