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Creating Impact: How Our Mission, Vision, Values Shapes Everything We Do




About Us

Welcome to Theia Strategies, your visionary partner in the world of business strategy and consulting. Named after Theia, the Ancient Greek Titan goddess of sight and the shining ether of the bright blue sky, we embody the spirit of vision, clarity, and limitless horizons.

Just as Theia governed the bright, blue sky, we aim to illuminate your business landscape with strategic insights that drive growth. We believe in the power of perspective, harnessing our collective expertise to offer you a unique vantage point on your corporate challenges and opportunities.

At Theia Strategies, we're not just consultants; we're your partners in shaping a future that's as brilliant as the sky Theia once reigned over. Together, let's reach for the heights of success in your industry.


Why Journey With Us?

Choosing Theia Strategies as your partner means entrusting your business development to seasoned professionals with a wide array of expertise across numerous industries. We offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to your unique needs, unearthing the true potential of your business through meticulous analysis and strategic planning. Our team is committed to providing you with exceptional service and results-driven strategies, all while empowering you to navigate the future with confidence and clarity. Embark on your journey with Theia Strategies and experience the transformative power of visionary consulting.

Journey with Us

Our Mission

At Theia Strategies, our mission transcends the conventional boundaries of business. We strive to establish and sustain 1,000 transformative relationships that are rooted in mutual respect, trust, and shared success. We believe in creating value beyond the balance sheet, instilling joy in the process of transforming business operations. We utilize existing software to construct systems that streamline your operations, fostering efficiency and productivity at every level of your organization.

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Our Vision

We aim to revolutionize the business consulting landscape, always solving for the customer and transforming company processes. Our vision is to achieve excellence in all we do, shaping strategies that are not just impactful in the short term, but create a lasting, positive legacy. We envision a future where our strategies are synonymous with transformative success - a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Our Values

We at Theia Strategies, uphold five core values, which form the bedrock of our culture and guide our actions:

  • Holistic: We view your business as a whole, considering all aspects in our strategic approach.
  • Excellence: We strive for the highest standards in our work, delivering only the best for our clients.
  • Appreciation: We value every relationship and express gratitude for the trust you place in us.
  • Reality: We ground our strategies in real-world circumstances, ensuring practical and effective solutions.
  • Transformation: We believe in the power of change, driving transformation in businesses and lives.

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Theia Strategies Leadership

Lucas Munisteri Headshot | Theia Marketing

Lucas Munisteri


Lucas applies his technical knowledge and positive attitude to drive the growth of Theia. Before founding Theia, Lucas spent 10 years in the oil and gas industry working on some of the industry's most technical problems.

Islin Munisteri Headshot

Islin Munisteri


Islin enjoys building relationships and communities with her clients and prospects. Previously, she spent 9 years in the oil and gas industry, government, and nonprofit sectors.


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Core Values Speech

Today, I stand before you to talk about something that defines us at the very core, something that acts as our compass in the vast ocean of business operations consulting. I'm here to talk about our core values at Theia Strategies.

Before diving into our values, let's reflect on our Company Mission: to create and maintain 1,000 long-term transformative relationships that transcend mere business transactions. We are not just building systems; we are crafting experiences where joy meets efficiency.

Our Company Vision is clear: We solve for the customer. In every action, every decision, our focus is to transform company processes, striving for excellence and creating a long-term impact.

Now, let's explore our core values, represented by the acronym HEART: Holistic, Excellence, Appreciation, Reality, and Transformation.


The first value, Holistic, signifies our approach to solutions. We believe in understanding the full picture – the challenges, the opportunities, the people involved, and the impact of our actions. This holistic view ensures that our solutions are not just effective but also sustainable.

Take, for instance, our project with a SaaS company targeting religious nonprofits. Our team didn't just look at their immediate technical needs; we delved into their long-term goals, team dynamics, and market position. This approach allowed us to create a system that not only resolved their current issues but also positioned them for future growth.


Excellence is our commitment in everything we do. It's about going above and beyond, not just meeting expectations but exceeding them. It's about continuous improvement, learning, and pushing boundaries.

Remember the time we were faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge with a cybersecurity company? Our team could have chosen an easier path, but we didn't. We strived, innovated, and delivered a solution that set a new standard in our industry. That’s excellence.


Appreciation is about recognizing the value in everyone and everything around us. It's about gratitude to our clients, our team, and our community. It's acknowledging that every challenge is an opportunity, and every person a teacher.

I want to take a moment to appreciate each one of you here. Your dedication, creativity, and resilience are what make Theia Strategies not just a company but a community.


Reality is about being grounded in truth. It's facing facts, even when they are uncomfortable. It’s about honest assessments and transparent communication. Reality means we don’t sugarcoat challenges; we confront them head-on, with integrity and courage.

In our journey, we have faced our share of tough realities. But each time, we have emerged stronger, more informed, and better prepared for the future.


Finally, Transformation, which is at the heart of what we do. It's not just about change; it's about meaningful, positive, and lasting impact. Whether it's transforming a business process, a client's experience, or our own personal growth, transformation is the end goal of our journey.

Look at how we transformed a private nonprofit’s operations. We didn't just change their software; we changed their perspective on what’s possible. We transformed their business culture.

These values – Holistic, Excellence, Appreciation, Reality, Transformation – are not just words; they are a way of life at Theia Strategies. They guide us in how we interact with our clients, with each other, and how we approach our work.

As we move forward, let's embrace these values in every project, every meeting, and every decision we make. Let's continue to create those 1,000 transformative relationships. Let's solve for the customer, achieve excellence, and make a long-term impact.

Let's remember, at Theia Strategies, we don’t just do business; we change businesses. We don’t just work with clients; we build partnerships. And we don’t just aim for success; we strive for significance.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Together, let's continue to bring our mission and vision to life, guided by the HEART of Theia Strategies.