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Scale Your Revenue Growth with Expert Precision with a Fractional RevOps Team



Unleash Strategic Expertise and Agile Solutions

Seamlessly integrating strategic expertise into your organization, our Fractional RevOps Team enables your business to thrive with the right blend of knowledge and agility. Experience the transformative impact of having a customized team of RevOps experts by your side—without the overhead or benefits of a full-time executive.

Empowerment Through Strategic Expertise

Empowerment Through Strategic Expertise

Imagine having a seasoned Chief Revenue Officer's strategic guidance accessible at your fingertips, molding your teams toward a synergized goal – that's what our Fractional RevOps Team offers. Your goals, our mission. Let's forge the future of your revenue together, optimizing every step of your customer journey with precision and foresight.

Fiscal Prudence Theia

Fiscal Prudence Meets High-Level Guidance

Cost should never be a barrier to excellence. Bypass the expense of a full-time executive with our Fractional RevOps Team, delivering elite know-how at a fraction of the cost. Invest smartly—propel your business forward while aligning with budgetary tranquility.

Dynamic Support

Dynamic Support for Your Growth Trajectory

Flexibility is at the heart of sustainability. Our scalable services expand or contract in accordance with your evolving business needs, embodying the essence of operational elasticity. Cherish the freedom of not being bound by rigidity—let's navigate the tides of change together.

Accelerated Strategic Implementation

Accelerated Strategic Implementation

In the fast-paced realm of B2B revenue growth, time is of the essence. We commit to swift, actionable strategies, ensuring minimal downtime from concept to execution. Watch your growth initiatives take flight with prompt and proficient implementation, marking the dawn of a new era in your organizational saga.

Unified Vision Theia

Unified Vision, Amplified Results 

When sales, marketing, and customer service operate in splendid isolation, opportunities dissipate. Our cross-functional approach stitches these silos together, weaving a tapestry of interconnected success that resonates throughout your customer's journey.

Data Theia

Informed by Data, Driven by Insight

Steer clear of guesswork. Let data illuminate the path to successful decision-making. Our Fractional RevOps Team helps you harness the power of analytics to sculpt strategies that are as effective as they are insightful, ensuring every move is calibrated for maximum impact.

Your Business, Your Solutions Theia

Your Business, Your Solutions

Every business sings a unique melody. Our RevOps solutions are the harmony to your song, tailored to resonate with your industry's nuances, your company's rhythm, and your growth phase's cadence. Experience a symphony of strategies designed exclusively for you.

Peak Performance Theia

Technological Symbiosis for Peak Performance

Through astute technology recommendations and integration, we equip your teams with the arsenal to conquer inefficiencies and amplify efficacy. Let the confluence of man and machine unlock the zenith of RevOps productivity.

Continuous Improvement Theia

Continuous Improvement and Optimization

Rest not on fleeting victories, for the road to greatness is paved with continuous enhancement. We pledge to be your unwavering ally, voyaging beside you through the iterative evolution of your revenue operations as you sail towards the horizon of perpetual growth.

Navigate Risks Theia

Navigating Risks with Foresight and Fortitude

In business, as in life, risk is a constant companion. Our proactive approach to risk management is your bulwark against unforeseen challenges, fortifying your revenue's resilience amidst the ever-shifting landscape of industry standards and regulations.


Our People - The Heartbeat of Innovation and Service

Every successful venture is propelled by the dynamism and dedication of its people. Our team is not just a group of individuals but the very embodiment of what we stand for — a tight-knit community that takes pride in its work and cares deeply about the success of our clients. We can fulfill the following roles:

Marketing Ops Manager Theia

Marketing Operations Manager

Orchestrates technology, processes, and data analytics to power effective marketing strategies, aligning with business goals and maximizing marketing ROI.

Sales Ops Manager Theia

Sales Operations Manager

Streamlines sales processes, implements sales technologies, and analyzes data to enhance sales team efficiency, driving revenue growth and optimizing sales strategy.

CS Ops Manager

Customer Success Operations Manager

Ensures client satisfaction and loyalty by developing customer relationships, understanding needs, and guiding them to achieve desired outcomes with your product or service.

RevOps Manager Theia

RevOps Manager

Unifies sales, marketing, and customer service operations to drive cohesive strategies, optimize the customer journey, and increase operational efficiency for sustainable business growth.

HubSpot Admin Theia

HubSpot Admin

Configures, manages, and optimizes the HubSpot platform to support marketing, sales, and service activities, leveraging technology to meet business objectives.

Salesforce Admin Theia

Salesforce Admin

Manages the Salesforce environment, customizes and configures the platform to meet business needs, ensures user adoption, and aligns the CRM system with evolving sales and marketing strategies.


Revenue Operations Services


Reporting and Analytics Theia

Revenue Reporting and Attribution

Our team provides comprehensive revenue reporting and attribution models to give you clear insights into what's driving your business growth and where to focus your efforts for maximum impact.

Front office Alignment Theia

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Alignment

We specialize in aligning your sales, marketing, and customer success teams, ensuring seamless communication and unified goals to enhance the customer journey and boost revenue.

Process Architecture

Process Architecture and Optimization

By meticulously designing and refining your business processes, we ensure operational efficiency, reduce redundancies, and set the stage for scalable growth


Sales Operations Services

Sales Enablement Theia

Sales Enablement

Our approach to sales enablement equips your sales team with the tools, content, and information they need to sell more effectively and close deals faster.

Pipeline Health Scoring

Pipeline Health Scoring

We implement advanced scoring mechanisms to evaluate your sales pipeline health, enabling you to identify bottlenecks and opportunities, and prioritize efforts accordingly.

Data Normalization

Data Analysis, Management, and Normalization

We offer data analysis and management services for informed decision-making. Clean, accurate, and actionable data drives strategic initiatives and operational improvements.


Marketing Ops Services

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

We craft tailored lead nurturing strategies that guide your prospects through the buyer's journey, building relationships and moving leads closer to the sale with personalized engagement.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Our lead scoring models help prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert, ensuring your team focuses their efforts on the most promising opportunities.

Campaign Management Theia

Campaign Management

We manage your marketing campaigns from end to end, from strategy to execution, ensuring each campaign is optimized for your target audience and business objectives.


Customer Success Ops Services

Customer Health Scoring Theia

Customer Health Scoring

By evaluating customer engagement, satisfaction, and overall health, we provide insights that help you proactively address risks and capitalize on opportunities to enhance customer loyalty.

Onboarding Process Theia

Onboarding Process and Management

Our team designs and manages a streamlined onboarding process that ensures your new customers and clients quickly see value in your offering, fostering long-term relationships and reducing churn.

Feedback Loops Theia

Feedback Loops 

Feedback loops drive continuous learning and adaptation across product, marketing, and sales teams. They foster product innovation, enhance go-to-market strategies, and enable swift responses to customer insights and market dynamics.


Unleash the Full Potential of HubSpot

Don't let complexity stifle your potential. Our Fractional RevOps service liberates your talent to focus where it's needed most—on nurturing and expanding your business core.

Journey with Us

The Theia Strategies Promise

We're more than a fractional service; we're your co-captains in this quest. Unlike other services, we believe in the power of partnership, offering you a personalized experience that transcends the standard. With our seasoned team, you gain not just another specialist but a beaon guiding you through space.

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How Can Unleashing the Power of Fractional RevOps Forge a Path to Growth and Efficiency?

Embrace the transformative power of our Fractional RevOps Team. Chart a new course towards diversified growth and fortified efficiency. Take the first step into a future where your aspirations are not just envisioned but vigorously pursued.

Connect with us today, and together, let's elevate your revenue narrative.

Discover How Our Fractional RevOps Team Can Benefit Your Business

 Because when it comes to crafting success, nothing speaks louder than results. Let's write the next chapter of your success story together.

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