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24 min read

30 | RevOps is the Swiss Army Knife of Business with Nabil Jallouli

1. #1 reason why companies and startups fail is cofounder disagreement.2. Let people fail and learn, that is the...

19 min read

29 | Don't Be An Order Taker with Benjamin Roach

1. Ardoq closed a Series D. They introduced an enterprise sales motion, which has a completely different...

16 min read

28 | Being an Empathetic Leader w/Shamail Tahir, SVP at Buildout

1. As a product leader, you care about daily average users, user journey, and product analytics. 2. For product-led...

16 min read

27 | Networking Your Way to Your Next Career w/Heather Robinette

1. Heather asked herself what were the aspects of the roles she most enjoyed? Then she networked with people with...
24 min read

26 | Everyone Owns Customer Success & Protecting ARR w/David Mangham

FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. Have Customer Success Managers understand their customers' businesses as a metric. 2. Having...

23 min read

25 | Growing a Spectacular Customer Education Community w/Rhonda Keller

FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. Rhonda started out as a high school teacher and went into tech early on. 2. Learning: you...

15 min read

24 | Growing Thru the Grief of Changing Careers w/Laura Rasay Siasoco

FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. Laura's biggest learning experience is not to be afraid. She would have made the move sooner...

22 min read

23 | Grow an Independent Community 10 Forms of Capital w/Grant Carlile

FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. How to monetize a community through sponsorships2. Understanding the 10 forms of capital...

15 min read

22 | Driving Your Career & Company forward with Holly Dechelle Smith

FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. Five metrics in SaaS to drive predictable revenue growth: MQLs (or demos), number of logos,...

13 min read

21 | Having OKRs in Marketing with Sam Pannuzio, SOM Indeed

FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. Collaboration and communication is the biggest challenges Sam is facing. 2. Typically, there...

18 min read

20 | Cross training Your Team Across Product, Marketing, Sales, & Customer Success with Sasha Yablonovsky

FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. The idea is to never stop figuring it out and always seek the best way to ensure the health of...

30 min read

19 | Reducing Your Marketing Tech Debt with Jon Uland

FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. We live with self-fulfilling prophecies--your innermost desires lead to your thoughts, and...