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Secret Sauce to Content Creation: Identify Your Brand and Customers

2021 May 15 15:22 GMT-06:00

Islin Munisteri, our VP of Marketing and Sales, was featured on an episode of BluHorn TV's "Media Champions."

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"Before you start creating any content, you need to be able to understand your personal brand and how that interacts with your ideal customer profile. [This helps] them care about your services and who you are as a business."

In this episode, she speaks with host Susan St. Denis on the importance of content across different platforms to market your business.

The key to successful content creation is understanding your personal and business brand and interacting with your ideal customer profile. When you know who you are and what you stand for, it is easier to identify with your buyer personas.

Authenticity is key to successful content marketing. Therefore, it is crucial to establish your identity before aimlessly creating content that will go unnoticed.

Islin's go-to method for crafting the right types of messages that resonate with Theia Marketing's audience is journaling. Through journaling, she tunes into what drives her as a business owner and the concerns she shares with her ideal clients.

These journaling snippets serve two purposes. First, they act as great content for social media posts, videos, and blog posts. Second, they add a personal touch to your company's overall message. Your business is run by people, so show the humanity in what you do and why you do it.

As the co-founder of a revenue operations growth agency, it is crucial audiences learn what sets your business apart from other competitors.

Content marketing and content creation in 2021 are no longer about the corporation – your audiences and potential customers need to know about the people behind the office desks.

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Karen Lopez

Written by Karen Lopez

Karen Lopez is Theia Marketing's Marketing Manager.