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What is work light

2022 November 3 00:05 GMT-06:00

Work Light, What is it? 

The concept of work light is balancing one's time with family and work during the holidays. It means that you still get work done, but you are not too behind when you get back, and you get to spend time with your family when they want time. 

Why Work Light

It allows us to make the most of family time while being realistic that they don't want to spend all of their time with us. If you have teenagers, you know what I mean. This is a benefit that we offer because we know how important family time is and how hard it can be to get. 

How it works

During work light, a person works a reduced schedule, typically half of their regular hours. Some days they may work more than half of their normal time and some days they may work less, but all-in-all they will end up working half of their regular schedule over the period. 

How it affects our clients? 

This is all good in all, right? Who doesn't want time off with their family but that being said, how does it impact our customers? It gives them access to staff that they may otherwise not have access to if they were to take the entire time off.

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Lucas Munisteri

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