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22 min read

23 | Grow an Independent Community 10 Forms of Capital w/Grant Carlile




FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. How to monetize a community through sponsorships2. Understanding the 10 forms of capital...

15 min read

22 | Driving Your Career & Company forward with Holly Dechelle Smith




FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. Five metrics in SaaS to drive predictable revenue growth: MQLs (or demos), number of logos,...

13 min read

21 | Having OKRs in Marketing with Sam Pannuzio, SOM Indeed



FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. Collaboration and communication is the biggest challenges Sam is facing. 2. Typically, there...

18 min read

20 | Cross training Your Team Across Product, Marketing, Sales, & Customer Success with Sasha Yablonovsky



FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. The idea is to never stop figuring it out and always seek the best way to ensure the health of...

30 min read

19 | Reducing Your Marketing Tech Debt with Jon Uland



FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. We live with self-fulfilling prophecies--your innermost desires lead to your thoughts, and...

26 min read

18 | Letting Your Team Think with Lorena Morales



FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. In 2016, RevOps wasn't even on the roadmap. Now a lot of companies are moving from legacy...

34 min read

17 | Recession Predictions & How to Protect Yourself w/Mark Coudray



Recognized as a premier thought leader & practical strategist who delivers documented gross margin gains and net...

27 min read

16 | Angels, Agnostics, & Atheists in Change Management w/Hamish Knox

FIVE BIG TAKEAWAYS1. Have an upfront contract in your meetings outlining purpose, mutual agendas (ask the other...
13 min read

15 | Always Be Testing & UTMing with Megan Zink of ReviewTrackers


Today, Megan Zink talks with host Islin Munisteri about working closely with RevOps to track marketing activities to...

30 min read

14 | Safe, Protected, Connected, Seen & Understood with CEO Brian Bogert


Today, Brian Bogert joins host Islin Munisteri to talk about people before process, and people before profits. When...

13 min read

13 | Data Orchestration Across Teams wITH Mahesh Kumar, at AppViewX


Today, Mahesh Kumar, Senior Director of Revenue Operations, talks with host Islin Munisteri about orchestrating all...

19 min read

12 | Connecting People, Process, & Tech w/Josh Wagner, Shift Paradigm

Today, Josh Wagner, Enterprise Account Executive, talks with host Islin Munisteri about implementing and selling...
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