Women in Revenue HUG Event | Scaling an Agency from $0 to $1.5mil A Fireside Chat with Nicole Pereira, CEO at Remotish

5 min read

By Aubrey Shiffert on 2023 May 2 17:39 GMT-06:00

During the  Women in Revenue HUG event on April 27, 2023, we chatted with Nicole Pereira, CEO at Remotish, about the fundamentals of creating a fulfilling agency with successful margins.

Topics covered included:

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Top 10 Website Footers Famous for UI/UX Design

4 min read

By Eleanor Hecks on 2022 June 25 08:00 GMT-06:00

A website footer is something most people overlook at first glance. After all, it sits well below the fold. You might even wonder if most people even find their way to your footer. However, many users will actually jump to the end of the page to find things such as contact information.

Footers are important to the user experience (UX) because they come with certain audience expectations. While you can certainly add your own twist, you’ll want to be sure you include what people expect to see. Start with your preferences for footers and go from there.

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Web Copywriting: Practical Tips and Best Practices

4 min read

By Brad Shorr on 2021 October 16 10:00 GMT-06:00

Web copywriting is an exciting career with terrific earnings potential. If you are just starting out or still learning the basics, don’t get discouraged because practically everyone in the world claims to be a copywriter. The fact is, relatively few copywriters have the skills, work habits, and determination to truly stand out. Organizations of all kinds recognize the value of highly skilled web copywriters and compensate them accordingly. Here is practical advice to help you become a star performer as quickly as possible.

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Do Competitive Research with Moz and BuzzSumo for Engineers [RESEARCH]

8 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 March 6 12:34 GMT-07:00

Today, we will be talking about how to create compelling content using Moz and BuzzSumo for engineers and scientists. Now, the best writing is found in the structure, planning, and research, not a shot of brilliance or inspiration.

Today, I’ll show you how to create compelling content by using competitive research easily. We have created 25 blog and case study posts in the past half a year employing these strategies. Writing compelling and convincing content starts with proper research.

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How Does SEO Impact Sales and Generate ROI For Your Business?

4 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 December 17 16:55 GMT-07:00

Search engine optimization gets thrown around a lot nowadays. For many technical service business owners, SEO may mean it is a technical term for marketers or it’s an enigma that can be solved for enough time and manpower.

SEO means that you've optimized your entire website's content so that the Google algorithm can index the pages and show your website’s content in search results. You use keywords and long tail keywords to describe the service or product you sell. Or better yet, tell what problem you solve for customers. And you would do that all on your website.

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The Client Buying Process

2 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 October 7 19:19 GMT-06:00

Every interaction your client buyer persona has with your business should be where they are at in the buyer’s process. You need to provide the structured guidance and value they need at their point in the buyer’s process. 

According to the inbound methodology you need to attract, engage and delight your prospective clients and current clients. Meet where your clients are, and  reduce the friction leading up to making a purchase. Build trust, be human, and helpful. Personalize your prospect’s experience across sales, marketing, and service. 

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What is Your ROI on Sales and Marketing?

2 min read

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 September 6 16:51 GMT-06:00

What is your ROI on your marketing and sales efforts?  If you have a call center working for you and what is the ROI on that? So what is the return on investment for marketing and sales for you? So let’s cut straight to the chase. A good marketing ROI is a ratio of 5:1.

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