Women in Revenue HUG | Turning Webinars into Pipeline with HubSpot and Bonzai Demio

By Lucas Munisteri on 2024 March 14 15:22 GMT-06:00

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, webinars have emerged as a powerful tool to engage and convert prospects into valuable leads. However, the real challenge lies in transforming these attendees into a tangible pipeline that drives business growth. Today, we delve into a strategic approach that leverages the synergy of HubSpot and Bonzai to turn webinar attendees into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Women in Revenue HUG Event | Evolution of Getting Product Usage Data into HubSpot and Connecting Systems for PLG

By Lucas Munisteri on 2023 July 19 16:05 GMT-06:00

During the  Women in Revenue HUG event on June 22, 2023, we chatted with JP Zangre, Evan Dunn, and Nate Roybal of Syncari on having connected data systems for product-led growth and how to get product data into HubSpot.

Women in Revenue HUG Event | Scaling an Agency from $0 to $1.5mil A Fireside Chat with Nicole Pereira, CEO at Remotish

By Aubrey Shiffert on 2023 May 2 17:39 GMT-06:00

During the  Women in Revenue HUG event on April 27, 2023, we chatted with Nicole Pereira, CEO at Remotish, about the fundamentals of creating a fulfilling agency with successful margins.

Topics covered included:

Women in Revenue HUG Event | RevOps In Uncertain Times: A Fireside Chat with Nabil Jallouli, CEO at Rollstack

By Aubrey Shiffert on 2023 March 22 10:57 GMT-06:00


Women in Revenue HUG Event | Having an Effective Sales Playbook and Process with Tara DiCristo-Schmitt at HubSpot

By Aubrey Shiffert on 2022 December 14 12:35 GMT-07:00

Women in Revenue HUG Event | Building the RevOps Roadmap with Ryan Milligan

By Aubrey Shiffert on 2022 August 9 08:53 GMT-06:00



During this  Women in Revenue HUG event on July 28, 2022, we learn about the fundamentals of RevOps with Senior Director of Revenue Operations Ryan Milligan, at QuotaPath. Revenue operations are the people, process, systems, and data that controls how your business generates revenue. We covered:

Top 10 Website Footers Famous for UI/UX Design

By Eleanor Hecks on 2022 June 25 08:00 GMT-06:00

A website footer is something most people overlook at first glance. After all, it sits well below the fold. You might even wonder if most people even find their way to your footer. However, many users will actually jump to the end of the page to find things such as contact information.

Footers are important to the user experience (UX) because they come with certain audience expectations. While you can certainly add your own twist, you’ll want to be sure you include what people expect to see. Start with your preferences for footers and go from there.

How do businesses get value out of a CRM?

By Islin Munisteri on 2022 May 27 06:00 GMT-06:00

The Importance of User Stories in WebSite UI/UX Design

By Eleanor Hecks on 2022 May 21 06:00 GMT-06:00

Since the beginning of the ages, people have told stories to pass the time, to entertain others and to feel connected with the rest of the world. User stories in website user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design is a vital part of creating an online presence others are drawn to.

Women in Revenue HUG Event- Guest Speaker Victoria Harkes

By Aubrey Shiffert on 2022 April 28 07:49 GMT-06:00


Women from across the US joined Theia Marketing as we hosted our Women in Revenue HUG event. Our guest speaker Victoria Harkes, the marketing manager at School Bundle, spoke about how she used HubSpot to pop the departmental silo bubble and integrate goals across the sales, marketing, and customer service channels. She single-handedly streamlined organizational growth and created a cohesive customer experience from start to finish by the use of customized landing pages.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing UX

By Eleanor Hecks on 2022 April 9 06:00 GMT-06:00

Email marketing UX (user experience) isn’t talked about nearly as often as reaching a particular target audience. However, thinking about how different features impact your followers can improve conversion rates and help you gain an edge over the competition.

The Benefits of Using Your CRM to Power Your Marketing

By Islin Munisteri on 2022 March 9 11:45 GMT-07:00

This guide explores and explains how to harness the power of your data and turn your CRM into a revenue-generating growth machine.

The Six Stack- 6 software solutions for start-up success

By Aubrey Shiffert on 2022 March 5 10:15 GMT-07:00

Today’s startups have quite the daunting tasks in front of them. On the one hand, technology has made it easier and more efficient than ever to start and run a business. But on the other, with so many options out there for communicating with customers, managing payroll, ensuring customer information is secure, etc., it can be overwhelming to decide what services are best for you. With this in mind, we compiled this list of the top six solutions for startup success. 

Five Essentials for a Good Work from Home Setup

By Olivia Hagan on 2022 February 26 11:33 GMT-07:00

Without a doubt, working from home (WFH) has become more commonplace since the coronavirus pandemic – in fact, as early as 2020, one Stanford economist said “the new working-from-home economy…is likely to continue long past the coronavirus pandemic that spawned it.”

How Revenue Operations Teams Can Optimize Sales Processes

By Carissa Villagomez on 2022 January 22 07:00 GMT-07:00

Revenue operations is a rising star in the world of business. Often defined as a business process that drives predictable revenue by aligning sales, marketing, and customer success, revenue operations is a newer function that Gartner predicts will exist at 75% of the world’s highest growth companies by the year 2025. 

What’s the Difference between Revenue Operations and Sales Operations?

By Mike Austin on 2021 December 18 15:16 GMT-07:00

The landscape of the workforce is changing. There are new industries emerging. Business processes are further being digitized. That’s why it really is no surprise that there are also new job positions and responsibilities being created each year.

A 3-step process to instantly make your lead magnets more desirable

By Ekaterina Howard on 2021 November 28 17:57 GMT-07:00

Get more conversions with a few simple tweaks to your lead magnet landing pages and social posts

You know that lead magnets — especially in B2B space — can help you attract, capture, and convert quality leads. But this is what I see happen over and over with lead magnets: marketers spend weeks on creating beautiful, original, well-researched, useful resources… while treating landing page copy and social post copy as an afterthought.

Why User Experience Matters in Designing Your RevOps Systems

By Eleanor Hecks on 2021 October 30 07:30 GMT-06:00

Revenue Operations, better known as “RevOps,” takes all of your processes in your business and aligns them all with the central goal of your business, which is to serve customers first and generate ongoing cash flow and growth second. However, investing in RevOps without doing the same for user experience (or “UX”) is a waste of time, because you can’t optimize income and cash flow without first focusing on your customers’ needs, perceptions, and expectations.

Web Copywriting: Practical Tips and Best Practices

By Brad Shorr on 2021 October 16 10:00 GMT-06:00

Web copywriting is an exciting career with terrific earnings potential. If you are just starting out or still learning the basics, don’t get discouraged because practically everyone in the world claims to be a copywriter. The fact is, relatively few copywriters have the skills, work habits, and determination to truly stand out. Organizations of all kinds recognize the value of highly skilled web copywriters and compensate them accordingly. Here is practical advice to help you become a star performer as quickly as possible.

10 Ideas to Repurpose Content and Grow Your Business

By Giacomo Rotella on 2021 September 25 13:30 GMT-06:00

Content marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business in 2021.

Why Is Revenue Operations Important?

By Ian Haynes on 2021 August 21 10:06 GMT-06:00

Revenue Operations is the new buzzword in the business world, and leading companies are shuffling to align their process with this new trend to boost profits and increase growth. What that essentially means is aligning your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to optimize revenues.

The best content marketing trends for 2021

By Sarah Colley on 2021 June 24 09:00 GMT-06:00

Trying to outrank your competition on Google? 

Best Practices In Naming Sales Operations, Sequences and Meeting Links

By Islin Munisteri on 2021 May 27 13:46 GMT-06:00

How do you name your meeting links and sales cadences? There’s more to a name than you may realize.

Prioritizing Your Mental Health While Working in Sales: Prevent Burnout

By Ryan Zadrazil on 2021 May 13 16:00 GMT-06:00

Sales can be an emotional rollercoaster full of ups and downs. My first sales job was in a call center, and I failed to understand the importance of mental health. This article will provide you with three actionable tips you can implement both inside and outside of work to thrive in your sales environment.

The Best LinkedIn Personal Profile Bio I’ve Ever Seen

By Islin Munisteri on 2021 April 30 09:51 GMT-06:00

After looking at a lot—over two hundred—LinkedIn personal profile pages, I have found the gold standard for doing a LinkedIn bio. There are only a few sections, but each are specific to the buyer persona you have chosen to appeal to.

How Sales Teams Benefit from Revenue Operations

By Islin Munisteri on 2021 April 15 16:00 GMT-06:00

How can sales teams benefit from having sales and revenue operations in place?

Analysis of Best Posts Reveal Linkedin Social Media Strategy

By Islin Munisteri on 2021 March 31 16:23 GMT-06:00

Here are our best tips and tricks from doing a meta-analysis of approximately 120 posts across 5 LinkedIn business and 5 personal profiles of prolific social media content producers in B2B technology, marketing, and sales.

How Salaries Are Changing Due to Remote Work and Covid-19

By Artur Meyster on 2021 March 25 16:37 GMT-06:00

Coronavirus and its shelter-in-place measures forced companies to experiment with remote work. During this experiment, companies found that the model worked better than anticipated. Employees liked it too. The mutual benefit to employers and employees is fostering a push for remote work that continues to work in favor of both parties. As work from home continues in major cities, the amount of data points for remote work is only increasing. 

AI in Revenue Operations

By Karen Lopez on 2021 March 18 16:00 GMT-06:00


RevOps Enablement Strategies

By Karen Lopez on 2021 March 11 16:00 GMT-07:00

There are 4 core ingredients of RevOps teams: strategy, tools, enablement, and insights. Enablement ensures that corresponding teams have the necessary training and support required to fulfill their responsibilities.  

HubSpot Partner Agency Onboarding vs Direct HubSpot Onboarding

By Karen Lopez on 2021 March 4 16:00 GMT-07:00

As a business leader, every product and service your organization invests in should be worth the time and money it requires.  

Understanding MQLs and SQLs

By Karen Lopez on 2021 February 26 16:00 GMT-07:00

Generating leads is vital to acquiring new customers. 74% of companies agree that converting leads into paying customers is their top marketing priority.  

RevOps vs Sales Ops vs Marketing Ops

By Karen Lopez on 2021 February 18 16:00 GMT-07:00

Whether in politics, athletics, or business, every successful team needs a goal-oriented leader to steer the way. Without leadership, there is a lack of direction, disorganization, and little chance to achieve the desired outcome.  

The Sales Learning Curve

By Karen Lopez on 2021 February 11 16:00 GMT-07:00

Launching a new product requires effort to ensure its success. Once a new product is on the market, companies usually want to push it onto prospects and have these convert into paying customers as soon as possible.  

How ABM Measures ROI

By Karen Lopez on 2021 February 4 16:00 GMT-07:00

The Future of RevOps

By Karen Lopez on 2021 January 28 16:00 GMT-07:00

As the business world becomes more saturated and the level of competition increases, business leaders have innovated how they run their business and the service they give to customers.  

RevOps Metrics that Matter Most

By Karen Lopez on 2021 January 21 16:00 GMT-07:00

Revenue operations function by bringing an organization's marketing, sales, and customer success departments together to ensure smooth end-to-end management. This approach is meant to "breakdown" any siloed activities between these teams. 

How RevOps Drives ABM Success

By Karen Lopez on 2021 January 14 16:00 GMT-07:00

In marketing and in sales, the more specific and personalized your approach to a prospect or customer you get, the better results you are likely to achieve. Every customer wants to feel important, and that's what makes AMB's personalization strategy so effective. 

Using the Jobs to be Done Framework to Understand Your Customers

By Karen Lopez on 2021 January 7 16:00 GMT-07:00

Revenue operations center on ensuring teams align around helping their products stand out from the competition and sell 

Using RevOps for Your Business

By Karen Lopez on 2020 December 17 16:00 GMT-07:00

The steady downfall of inter-departmental friction and siloed companies have led the way to the rise of RevOps. Similarly, an increasing trend in interdepartmental collaboration, data-driven marketing, and cross-functional tools have boosted revenue operations even further.  

Why You Should Hire a RevOps Agency vs. Hiring a RevOps Team

By Karen Lopez on 2020 December 10 16:00 GMT-07:00

revenue operations approach is central to a company'long-term growth because it aligns its entire customer life cycle and makes it more efficient.  

Business Survival amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

By Karen Lopez on 2020 December 4 16:00 GMT-07:00

The Covid-19 pandemic that has swept the world over has brought with it many unprecedented challenges for businesses.  

Manufacturing Content Marketing for 2021: Budgets & Trends

By Karen Lopez on 2020 November 26 16:00 GMT-07:00

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers in the US!  

How RevOps Helps Grow Your Business

By Karen Lopez on 2020 November 19 16:00 GMT-07:00

Today’s fast-paced business climate makes it crucial, now more than ever, for companies to restructure their processes to gain a competitive edge. 

The Most Common Product Testing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

By Karen Lopez on 2020 November 12 16:00 GMT-07:00

Testing a product or its prototype is the most efficient way to ensure the final byproduct you launch into market has the best chance of succeeding. It gives product managers and engineers valuable insight into the best product decisions they can make to improve customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, customer retention, and increase their company's ROI. 

Top 6 Myths on Product/Market Fit

By Karen Lopez on 2020 November 5 16:00 GMT-07:00

Many ideas circulate product/market fitMany times, these misconceptions confuse founders and the teams they manageleading to possible future setbacks. 

7 Reasons You Do Not Have Product/Market Fit & What to Do About It

By Karen Lopez on 2020 October 29 16:00 GMT-06:00

Product/market fit is not a one-size-fits-all process, nor is it a one-time event. It is an iterative process that demands the continual collaboration between the product, marketing, sales, services, and leadership teams of a company.  

Buyer Persona Research for a Perfect Product/Market Fit

By Karen Lopez on 2020 October 22 16:00 GMT-06:00

We can simplify product/market fit to mean the following: the degree to which the product being sold satisfies market demand and customer needs.  

Growing Your Business with Product/Market Fit

By Karen Lopez on 2020 October 15 16:00 GMT-06:00

"Product/Market fit is not just a prerequisite for growth; it is the fuel that powers all sustainable growth efforts." 

Demand Gen for IT Services During COVID

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 October 8 13:48 GMT-06:00

This transcript has been edited for clarity and conciseness.

Why You Need a Marketing Expert on Your C-Level Team

By Guest Blogger on 2020 October 1 16:00 GMT-06:00

There has been some discourse on whether there should be a chief marketing officer at the organization's top levels. The role became popular in the mid-'90s but has seen companies shy away from the role. The role still exists or has been rebranded to "Chief Growth Officer" or "Chief Brand Officer" or other hot button name. Coca-Cola recently brought back the role of CMO, citing that marketing aligns with its goals rather than growth.

Theia Marketing Guest Posting Guidelines

By Karen Lopez on 2020 September 24 16:00 GMT-06:00

Thank you for your interest in writing as a guest blogger for Theia Marketing’s Guide to Marketing Blog! 

How to Validate if Your SaaS has a Product/Market Fit

By Karen Lopez on 2020 September 18 16:00 GMT-06:00

“Startups occasionally ask me to help them evaluate whether they have achieved product/market fit. It’s easy to answer: if you are asking, you’re not there yet."

9 Proven Ways to Improve Your Customer Retention

By Karen Lopez on 2020 September 10 16:00 GMT-06:00

No matter how incredible your products or services are, if your business cannot convert customers into loyal product ambassadors and evangelists, there is much room for improvement.

Measuring Product/Market Fit: 4 Metrics You Need to Know

By Karen Lopez on 2020 September 3 16:30 GMT-06:00

Your Business Needs Product/Market Fit to Succeed

Product/Market Fit is a concept in the business world that can help organizations supercharge the relationship between their business, their products, and the customers that buy them.

Want to Find the Right Product/Market Fit? Avoid these 6 Mistakes

By Karen Lopez on 2020 August 27 16:00 GMT-06:00

Product/Market Fit is an important factor in your business’s success

The process of achieving the right product/market fit can be tricky, considering there are various steps that go into attaining it.

How to Achieve Product/Market Fit

By Karen Lopez on 2020 August 20 16:30 GMT-06:00

Product/Market Fit, what is it?

The key to making your business work is to start by considering what your target customers want; that way, you can sell it to them.

Measuring Your Product/Market Fit is Easy with the Sean Ellis Test

By Karen Lopez on 2020 August 13 16:30 GMT-06:00

Defining Product/Market Fit

As the person in charge of running and scaling a business, you want to ensure your products and services are in demand. Ideally, your company launches products that fulfill a need or solve a problem that troubles your chosen market; therefore, becoming a necessity to your audience.

Well Wishes to Anyone with COVID!

By Lucas Munisteri on 2020 July 20 14:04 GMT-06:00

We have been fortunate as a company and as a family so far. None of our clients or employees have gotten COVID so far. We’ve felt the economic impact of COVID-19, but luckily no personal impact.

4 Reasons to Keep your Marketing Spend During a Recession

By Karen Lopez on 2020 July 9 11:40 GMT-06:00

Previous economic recessions like those of the 1980s and 1990s were called business cycle recessions. The world economy faced inflation, central banks increased interest rates, and investments were low. The global financial crisis of 2008 led to a depreciation of the US mortgage market that led to a banking crisis.

Improve your Problem-Solving with First Principles Thinking

By Karen Lopez on 2020 June 24 16:00 GMT-06:00

As entrepreneurs, we encounter endless opportunities and possibilities to innovate the way we run our businesses, the way we create, manufacture, and present our products and services, and the way we interact with customers.

What You Need to Know about Lead Generation Landing Pages

By Karen Lopez on 2020 June 18 09:03 GMT-06:00

A landing page is a web page designed to attract the consumers who are in the market for the product or service your business offers. Also known as a lead capture page, landing pages are the web page a user "lands on" after clicking on an advertisement or social media post.

3 Simple Ways to Increase your Lead Capture Conversions

By Karen Lopez on 2020 June 10 16:00 GMT-06:00

If you want to generate more high-quality leads that align with your target audience, you probably need to invest more energy into lead capture.

Lead Magnets: How to Choose the Right Ones to Earn More Leads

By Karen Lopez on 2020 June 3 16:00 GMT-06:00

At its core, a lead magnet is a marketing tool used on landing pages to generate more leads. In digital marketing, lead magnets are also known as opt-in offers, freebies, gated content, or content upgrades, among others.

The Top 7 Reasons Why You Keep Losing Leads

By Karen Lopez on 2020 May 29 16:00 GMT-06:00

If your organization is investing resources on advertising and lead nurturing to increase its lead conversion rates, this article is for you.

Reengage With Your Lost Leads The Right Way

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 May 21 16:00 GMT-06:00

Defining a lost lead

A lost lead is one that has stalled in your lead nurturing process and has not converted into a sale yet. This often means they are not opening your emails, or they recently unsubscribed from your email list.

The 10 Best Ways to Optimize Your Lead Capture Forms

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 May 14 16:00 GMT-06:00

Why the Lead Capture form is essential to your business

The lead capture form is essential to any B2B’s lead generation efforts. They serve an important purpose: to invite your site visitors to provide their information in exchange for a helpful piece of content, a quote, a free demo, or free trial.

3 Things Your Business Needs for an Effective Lead Capture Strategy

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 May 7 14:18 GMT-06:00

The truth is that today’s online business landscape is more competitive than ever before. Multitudes of businesses all compete to generate quality leads. Therefore, to grow your business, you need to earn your audience’s attention.

Manufacturing Content Marketing Survey 2020: Tips, Trends, and Budgets

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 April 30 15:37 GMT-06:00

Throughout this report, you'll see that manufacturing marketers have become more strategic with their content marketing approach, are more effective in distributing their organization's content, and face fewer challenges when attempting to communicate more complex ideas to their audiences. While there have been improvements like these, only 40% of marketers are strategic about the content they create and target their content for specific stages of the customer journey.

How to Work From Home Effectively: Interview with Glenn Tranter

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 April 20 14:26 GMT-06:00


Work from Home Tip #8: How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting for Happy Hour

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 April 9 17:50 GMT-06:00

Today, I have our eighth work from home tip, and that's setting up a Zoom Happy Hour with you and your team.

Work from Home Tip #7: Have Clear Expectations for Your Employees

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 April 8 18:34 GMT-06:00

Today, we will be talking about our seventh work from home tip, and that is setting clear expectations between manager and employee. Remember that it’s a partnership. It’s a two-way street. Both the manager and the employee or the individual contributor need to agree on the same set of expectations going forward.

Work from Home Tip #6: Have Meeting Time with Your Remote Team

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 April 7 19:13 GMT-06:00

Today, I want to share with you my sixth work from home tip, and that's to have dedicated meeting time with your team, especially working from home.

Work From Home Tip #5: Have Family Expectations

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 April 6 18:36 GMT-06:00

Today, I will talk about my fifth work-from-home tip. It’s about having family expectations.

Work from Home Tip #4: Have a Morning Routine

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 April 3 17:59 GMT-06:00

Today, I will share with you my morning routine as our third work-from-home tip. Now I did some research for this video, and there are a variety of things you can do in the morning. I found an Inc.com list of 50 things you can do this morning, but to keep it simple, I will just share what my actual morning routine is.

Work from Home Tip #3: Plan Your Workspace and Tech

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 April 2 17:14 GMT-06:00

Today, I will talk about my work at home setup. Now, this is a long-term setup, and I think it’s great. Even if you work from home one day a week or perhaps even less, I think it’s great to have an ergonomic at-home set up.

Work From Home Tip #2: Test Your Internet Speed

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 April 1 18:02 GMT-06:00

On Our Working from Home series, tip number two is checking your internet bandwidth. Now we will be doing much work from home, but we will also be doing many meetings as well. That could use much bandwidth on your internet if you are not careful.

Work From Home Tip #1: Have a Schedule

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 March 26 18:21 GMT-06:00

Today, Colorado just went into effect with a shelter-in-place order and my kids' schools start again next Tuesday. They had a two week spring break, but now we're getting back to school and that means setting up a schedule.

Why Are Backlinks Important for B2B Companies

By Lucas Munisteri on 2020 March 23 14:10 GMT-06:00

We will be talking about why backlinks are so relevant and why they can help your business grow.

How to Create the Perfect Blog Post using the Hubspot CMS for B2B

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 March 13 14:01 GMT-06:00

Today, we are going to be doing a hands-on session like we did last week. We will be talking about how to create the perfect blog post using the HubSpot CMS. Now we’re not in the HubSpot CMS right now.

Do Competitive Research with Moz and BuzzSumo for Engineers [RESEARCH]

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 March 6 12:34 GMT-07:00

Today, we will be talking about how to create compelling content using Moz and BuzzSumo for engineers and scientists. Now, the best writing is found in the structure, planning, and research, not a shot of brilliance or inspiration.

Today, I’ll show you how to create compelling content by using competitive research easily. We have created 25 blog and case study posts in the past half a year employing these strategies. Writing compelling and convincing content starts with proper research.

9 Elements of Great Content for B2B Technical Companies and Engineers

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 February 27 14:32 GMT-07:00

Now, writing outstanding content is a choice. You have to put in the time, money, and work to build a great brand that attracts prospects, or you can choose the easy path and write poor content. That will waste time, resources, and money writing.

Using the Hero's Journey to Create Your Core Message and Buyer Personas

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 January 28 15:03 GMT-07:00

Today, we will be talking about the Hero’s Journey, and how having a core message and ideal buyer persona will take your firm’s growth to the next level. Your core message covers why your customers want to work with you. 

A Guide to Content Curation for Firms: Tips and Tools

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 January 20 18:44 GMT-07:00

How do you source and share great content on social media? I will show you how to in this guide and share some of the tools we use. It needs to be content that your audience will like, comment, and share with their followers, which will expose your brand to a broader audience.

Develop a Content Strategy in 7 Simple Steps to Grow Your Firm

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 January 13 13:59 GMT-07:00

Did you know that 59% of businesses don't have a documented content marketing strategy? However, 69% of the most successful marketers have a content marketing strategy that works according to Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs.

How Does SEO Impact Sales and Generate ROI For Your Business?

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 December 17 16:55 GMT-07:00

Search engine optimization gets thrown around a lot nowadays. For many technical service business owners, SEO may mean it is a technical term for marketers or it’s an enigma that can be solved for enough time and manpower.

SEO means that you've optimized your entire website's content so that the Google algorithm can index the pages and show your website’s content in search results. You use keywords and long tail keywords to describe the service or product you sell. Or better yet, tell what problem you solve for customers. And you would do that all on your website.

4 Ways Your Sales Team Helps with Your Content Marketing

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 December 10 10:49 GMT-07:00

Marketing and sales are two different departments.

But they have a closely intertwined connection.

How-to Guide to Creating Your Content Calendar Now

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 December 3 16:38 GMT-07:00

Today, I want to talk about the importance of having a content calendar. Did you know that according to the Content Marketing Institute, 89% of B2B companies incorporate content marketing into their overall marketing strategy? A more recent study found that only 41% of those companies have a documented content strategy. Well, that number is, isn't itself a bit scary. The fact is is that those marketers who considered themselves successful are 40% more effective than those who don't have a plan.

10 Marketing Platforms and Tools You Need to Know in 2020

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 November 18 18:00 GMT-07:00

Today I want to talk about the top 10 marketing platforms and tools you need to know about in content marketing going into 2020. Remember, content is part of the client buying process. You're moving your prospective clients from awareness stage to consideration to decision to post-decision and purchase stage. You can click on the client buying process blog for more info.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, "Content marketing's purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating, curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing a consumer's behavior. Remember that it's an ongoing process that's best integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and it focuses on owning media, not renting it."

2020 B2B Content Marketing Trends and Budgets

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 November 12 17:23 GMT-07:00

Today, I want to talk to you about the top 2020 B2B marketing trends in content marketing.  I want to specially thank the Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs and Sitecore for putting together this report. I will be sharing the contents of the survey and the report. You can consult Marketing Profs' 2020 Manufacturing Content Marketing survey results here.

Top 5 Mindset Blocks Scaling from $0 -1 million

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 November 5 18:28 GMT-07:00

Today, I want to talk about the top five mindset blocks of scaling your business from zero to a million dollars. Now, as engineers and business owners, it's sometimes hard to invest in coaching or invest in your website or decide to invest in even some sales coaching. But I find that the coaching and especially for therapy for me has been very helpful in overcoming these mindset blocks. It has been helpful in investing in my business to get to the next level. Now these are the top five mindset blocks.

How to Get Reviews and Respond to Negative Reviews for Your B2B Company

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 October 28 18:12 GMT-06:00

Customer and client review websites are increasingly important as more consumers use the internet to find businesses. According the BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey, 54% of consumers ages 18-34 use the internet every day to find businesses. That means decision makers are doing initial market research on your B2B brand before picking up the phone or forming a relationship with you.

Defining Customer Value: B2B Technical Services for Engineers and Scientists

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 October 21 17:58 GMT-06:00

I would like to talk to you about defining the customer value for your B2B technical services business. Finding your customer value is incredibly important because you can get the prices you want for your product or service, and not get negotiated down or discounted on your product or service.

Top 10 Customer Review Sites for B2B Technical Services for Engineers and Scientists

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 October 14 18:30 GMT-06:00

Whether you are in healthcare, engineering, science, or energy, there are top review sites to be on. So before we go dive deep into that, customer reviews are a way to get feedback. It is based on a customer's experience with the organization. Now these reviews could be public or private and they can be collected by the company or posted on third party review sites.

The Client Buying Process

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 October 7 19:19 GMT-06:00

Every interaction your client buyer persona has with your business should be where they are at in the buyer’s process. You need to provide the structured guidance and value they need at their point in the buyer’s process. 

According to the inbound methodology you need to attract, engage and delight your prospective clients and current clients. Meet where your clients are, and  reduce the friction leading up to making a purchase. Build trust, be human, and helpful. Personalize your prospect’s experience across sales, marketing, and service. 

What is Your ROI on Sales and Marketing?

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 September 6 16:51 GMT-06:00

What is your ROI on your marketing and sales efforts?  If you have a call center working for you and what is the ROI on that? So what is the return on investment for marketing and sales for you? So let’s cut straight to the chase. A good marketing ROI is a ratio of 5:1.

What is a Total Online Presence Audit?

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 August 26 14:03 GMT-06:00

We are going to talk about the total online presence audit. If you're trying to figure out why you're not generating leads from your website or if your competitors are gaining key keyword advantages on Google,whether they're in Google ads or on the first page of Google. 

7 Questions to Ask Your Marketing Agency

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 August 8 12:50 GMT-06:00

I want to talk about seven questions that you should ask your marketing agency before you start with them or as you're getting to know them.

How to Niche Down Your IT/MSP Business

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 July 29 15:36 GMT-06:00

What is niching? It doesn't matter what stage of business you're in--whether you've had your business for one year or five years or 10 years or 20 years. I think you could still benefit from niching down.

Great customer experience for MSPs

By Lucas Munisteri on 2019 July 22 17:27 GMT-06:00



Today, I'd like to talk about why you need marketing in your MSP. I understand a lot of MSPs have a very robust sales tea

m and do most of their selling via direct sales. But since you have a website, you have all of these other resources available to you to get the most out of your sales team's time.

Why You Need to Have Buyer Personas First

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 July 17 14:08 GMT-06:00

A buyer pesona, or your ideal client, is absolutely necessary before you create any piece of content.

I'm talking about before doing any email sequences, LinkedIn outreach campaigns, and blogs, know who your ideal client is.

For us in the IT managed service provider space, it is the top three decision makers at an MSP.

7 Components of a Great MSP Website That Converts Leads

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 July 12 14:17 GMT-06:00

What are the top seven components of an MSP website that converts leads? We decided to pick Qlik as our ideal website. Now Qlik is actually a business intelligence software, but I really liked their website and I think their site architecture can help MSPs as well.