44% Increase in productivity

B2B Sales Training Franchise Increases Business by 68%

Summary: We helped onboard and implement HubSpot Marketing Pro and Sales Pro to a B2B Sales Training Franchise, and saw productivity increase by 44% and business increase by 68%. The client was previous in disparate systems, and had challenges understanding sales rep activity to deal growth. 

Challenge: Mapping Rep Activity to Deal and Business Growth

Marketing and sales contacts were kept in two separate systems, Mailchimp and the Pipedrive CRM. It was difficult to attribute which sales and marketing activities were moving the needle with the company. They had a multi-touch process, but it was difficult to map in their old CRM. They also want to have an automated way to create tasks for salespeople to improve the follow-up process. They had a goal to build highly-customized email templates and sequences to improve their sales process, while also making sure each message feels personal and meaningful. Additionally, it was difficult to see reporting and performance monitoring in their old system.

Solution: Switch to HubSpot

The B2B sales training franchise onboarded onto Marketing and Sales Pro from separate marketing and sales systems. All of their contacts are in one place and one system.

Result: 44% Increase in Productivity

Tasks, emails, calls, and notes are now tracked. As tool usage upticked, we saw a 44% increase in sales rep productivity from May to June.

Strategies and Services Employed:

CRM Migration

We migrated his CRM from Pipedrive to HubSpot via Excel output, including contacts, companies, deals, and products. He now keeps all of his contacts, leads, and clients in one place, HubSpot.

Marketing Automation, Workflows, and Email Marketing

We onboarded our B2B client onto HubSpot Marketing Professional. We helped our client create workflows. We created email templates, including a monthly video and a monthly brief for best sales practices and training.

Onboarding Onto Sales Pro

Over 5+ hours of separate training with the sales team and technical implementation, we taught them how to:

  • Which contact properties to capture
  • Using HubSpot’s email integration to track and log emails to prospects and clients
  • Logging activity across notes, calls, and meetings
  • Mapping deal stages and using the sales pipeline
  • Creating tasks to follow up
  • Creating meeting links
  • Using sales cadences / sequences to stay in touch
  • Using the HubSpot Vidyard integration
  • Building quotes and invoices
Onboarding onto Marketing Pro
  • Building an email workflow
  • Building and embed a progressive form for a survey
  • Configuring webinar workflows to emails and website
  • Social media settings and posting
  • Building reports and dashboards
  • Building marketing email templates
  • Building landing pages
  • Creating subscription types
  • Creating lists
  • Utilizing snippets
Lucas Munisteri

Written by Lucas Munisteri

Engineer turned marketing guru. After many years in the engineering space, it was time to get off of the crazy roller coaster and start my own company so I could be there for my family.