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Meaning and Fulfillment at Work

2019 August 5 12:41 GMT-06:00

I want to talk about meaning at work. Does meaning lead to fulfillment?

So for me, when I was working in petroleum engineering, I found a lot of meaning in my work. I knew I was producing the world's energy and that was really meaningful to me. But to this day, I don't know if I was fulfilled at worked. I felt fulfilled in the volunteering activities that I did with work, like at Junior Achievement. But I don't know if I was fully fulfilled by my work.

Now working for Theia Marketing, I feel fulfilled even though there are some days that are uphill climbs and other days it flows very well. I don't know if I would say I'm more fulfilled than when I was in the oil field, but I feel more fulfillment now.


I also find a lot of meaning and translating hard technical subjects like biology software or petroleum engineering or IT companies into something an everyday CEO or business owner can understand. These folks can make good business decisions on what they understand.

It's taken a long journey to get to this point to understanding meaning at work and finding fulfillment. And I'm sure there's more on the path to go. So how do you find meaning at work and does meaning lead to fulfillment or does fulfillment lead to meaning? Comment below.

Islin Munisteri

Written by Islin Munisteri