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Petroleum Engineer to Marketing CEO: Asians Redefining Success Podcast

2020 January 31 12:20 GMT-07:00

I was so excited to be on the Asians Redefining Their Success podcast with Yunzhe Zhou in December! 

Here's a link to listen. 

Asians Redefining Their Success

Episode 10: “I think by being Asian, you suppress a lot of who you are to fulfill parental expectations -  I actually wanted to be an English major for a long time.”  Islin Munisteri spent years working for BP as a petroleum engineer before the stress had taken a toll on her and she had to leave to take care of her mental health in 2017.

Currently still on disability, she co-founded a company with her husband so that it would allow her the time to see doctors and get better, as well as providing value to clients simultaneously. Not only has Islin completely changed careers from engineering to sales and marketing, but that she is also in a much better place mentally and emotionally as well.

In this episode of Asians Redefining Their Success, we talk about how working for a big company can actually be more taxing on your health than working for yourself, the grieving process of leaving your old identity behind when you switch careers, and the importance of getting outside help especially a therapist or coach who is culturally sensitive.

We also talk about the idea of a “noble career” and what really matters, how to build a better relationship with your parents and heal intergenerational trauma, as well as the beauty of trusting yourself and the universe.

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Islin Munisteri

Written by Islin Munisteri