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Work from Home Tip #3: Plan Your Workspace and Tech

2020 April 2 17:14 GMT-06:00

Today, I will talk about my work at home setup. Now, this is a long-term setup, and I think it’s great. Even if you work from home one day a week or perhaps even less, I think it’s great to have an ergonomic at-home set up.


So without further ado, let’s get started. I have a Surface Book 2. I like how you can take the screen off, and you can scribble on it and type notes on it. I like it. It’s a laptop, and it works well for what I use it for, which is blogging, checking email, doing some low-level Excel calculations, and PowerPoint presentations, and some Adobe applications.

Next, you need to have a Surface dock so you can see everything plugged into the dock back there. And that way your computer can easily get connected to everything. The dock just comes in with this simple connector.

Now let’s look at my screen. I have a Logitech Brio webcam, and that’s what I use to film all of Theia Marketing’s videos.

I also have what I call the Embrava Availability Display. It’s the green light saying that I’m available. It also has a red light, which means I’m busy. Then, there’s the purple light of do not disturb.

Then this is my Dell monitor, with its Ultrasharp 30-inch display. Under that, my Dell speaker, which fits under the monitor out of the way.

Next, I have my Logitech K800 keyboard. It’s illuminated and connects via Bluetooth. I love it. It’s ergonomic.

I have my Logitech MX Master mouse next. It’s pretty awesome. It’s very ergonomic. It fits my hand nicely. So, I love using it. It’s a tremendous right-handed mouse.

Next, I have my communication devices.  I have my Plantronics Savvi 740, which is great when I’m making lots of sales calls, one after another. Sometimes, the software gets a little buggy, but other than that, I like using it. I also have my phone called Polycom VVX501. At some point, we want to get it upgraded to the CCX 600 so that it’s fully compatible with Microsoft Teams. Right now, it’s just partially compatible.

Of course, we want to have food, water, and coffee. I love my Coastal Berry trail mix, which you can see is in the cup right there. It’s available from Costco, and I don’t like it for the fruits and nuts, but the yogurt chips. So the yogurt chips are kind of the bonus when you get all the fruits and nuts make sense. I have my water bottle and my Yeti coffee cup, so I never have cold coffee. This is my at-home setup.


Laptop: Surface Book 2
Dock: Surface Dock

Webcam: Logitech Brio
For the kids: Embrava Availability Display
Monitor: Dell UltraSharp 30-inch Monitor
Speaker: Dell Soundbar

Keyboard: Logitech K800
Mouse: Logitech MX Master

Headset: Plantronics Savvi 740
Phone: Polycom VVX501

Topics: Work From Home
Islin Munisteri

Written by Islin Munisteri