Introducing the "Work Light" Philosophy

By Lucas Munisteri on 2022 November 3 00:05 GMT-06:00

What is "Work Light"?

The "Work Light" initiative aims to harmonize professional responsibilities with personal priorities, particularly during holiday seasons. The objective is twofold: ensuring that productivity remains consistent while facilitating quality time spent with loved ones.

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More 2 Marketing Spotlight on Theia Strategies

By Islin Munisteri on 2022 June 10 14:12 GMT-06:00

“More 2 Marketing” is a show made for people in the world of marketing and media who want to grow their media knowledge. Interviewing experts around the country, “More 2 Marketing” is the place to go for tips, tricks and entertaining quips to take your business to the next level. To check out the interview, click here. 

Theia Marketing Unplugged - Helping our Employees Combat Burnout

By Aubrey Shiffert on 2022 June 10 09:15 GMT-06:00

At Theia Marketing employee well-being is top of mind. Our team spans the United States, works in three different time zones, and are rockstars at producing killer content for our clients. We all work remotely to bring our client’s goals to life, and while remote work has become more prevalent and accepted, it presents its own hurdles and stressors employees face. We understand that it is hard to unplug from work when you work from home, so we’re carving time out this summer for our employees to do just that.

E-Coffee with Experts On Lead Scoring

By Islin Munisteri on 2022 May 31 18:37 GMT-06:00

On the E-Coffee with Experts videocast, I talk to Matt Fraser at Digital Web Solutions about a variety of topics.

Theia Marketing Reaches Platinum Tier as a Hubspot Solutions Partner

By Lucas Munisteri on 2022 February 15 11:21 GMT-07:00

Elizabeth, CO: Today, Theia Marketing announced that it has reached the platinum tier of HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program. HubSpot, a leading CRM platform, works hand-in-hand with partner experts to grow their businesses through inbound software, services, and support.

Theia Marketing is an Insycle Agency Partner

By Lucas Munisteri on 2021 November 15 14:59 GMT-07:00

Theia Marketing is honored to have been recognized as an Insycle Agency Partner.

Theia Marketing is now a Design Rush Accredited Agency

By Islin Munisteri on 2021 September 8 12:36 GMT-06:00

Theia Marketing has been chosen from among thousands of agencies to be featured by DesignRush, a marketing and technology agency ranking site that helps B2B businesses find their next partner. 

Overcoming Challenges – From Business to Mental Health

By Karen Lopez on 2021 June 29 18:55 GMT-06:00

“Why did this customer choose to work with us? People buy connection before ever making a transaction.” 

HubSpot CMS: an all-in-one platform for content management

By Karen Lopez on 2021 June 8 13:32 GMT-06:00

Islin Munisteri, our VP of Marketing and Sales, was quoted in UpCity about HubSpot CMS.  

Secret Sauce to Content Creation: Identify Your Brand and Customers

By Karen Lopez on 2021 May 15 15:22 GMT-06:00

Islin Munisteri, our VP of Marketing and Sales, was featured on an episode of BluHorn TV's "Media Champions."

on building digital communities on the Epresence Podcast

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 October 2 14:40 GMT-06:00

Mark Galvin, host of the ePresence podcast and owner of ePresence Digital Branding, and I talk about starting digital communities. We talked about having a landing page to take interested users to, and hooking that in with a CRM so you can find the information later. Here is a link to listen.

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Happy Independence Day and Some Encouragement

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 July 4 12:48 GMT-06:00

Happy 4th of July! Also known as Independence Day in the United States.

Petroleum Engineer to Marketing CEO: Asians Redefining Success Podcast

By Islin Munisteri on 2020 January 31 12:20 GMT-07:00

I was so excited to be on the Asians Redefining Their Success podcast with Yunzhe Zhou in December! 

Developing Your Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Abundant Beans Podcast

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 November 1 13:26 GMT-06:00

I was so excited to be interviewed by Jamie O'Kane at the Abundant Beans Podcast! We had a great time talking about inbound and outbound marketing, and how you need both to have a successful business. 

We're HubSpot Agency Partners!

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 August 7 17:17 GMT-06:00

This is Islin with Theia Marketing and I'm proud to announce that we're invited to be HubSpot Agency Partners.

Meaning and Fulfillment at Work

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 August 5 12:41 GMT-06:00

I want to talk about meaning at work. Does meaning lead to fulfillment?

So for me, when I was working in petroleum engineering, I found a lot of meaning in my work. I knew I was producing the world's energy and that was really meaningful to me. But to this day, I don't know if I was fulfilled at worked. I felt fulfilled in the volunteering activities that I did with work, like at Junior Achievement. But I don't know if I was fully fulfilled by my work.

What's Your Why?

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 July 31 13:56 GMT-06:00

Honesty is One of Our Company Values

By Islin Munisteri on 2019 July 12 15:01 GMT-06:00

I would like to talk about our company values, and one of them is honesty. I find it's easy to lie in sales and marketing, and to yourself as well.

With sales and marketing, you need to know what is your Customer Total Lifetime Value, and what you're willing to spend on sales and marketing to get to your Customer Total Lifetime Value.